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Robinson Cano: Coming Of Age

By: josh q. public on: Thursday, October 21, 2010 @10:00 am

Robinson Cano: Coming Of Age

Pull up at the function and you know I’m like Kojak to all the party people that are on my bozak.  I’ve got more action than my man John Woo, and I’ve got mad hits like I was Rod Carew.  -Beastie Boys

Public Service Announcement: Ok, here we go!  Just a quick one.  A run and stick one.  Every day, my boy, the Half Bald Prince, sends me a text.  Every day.  Said text goes a little something like this:  Cano is a beast!  Every day.  He’s right.  If you’ve been watching Cano during the regular season, or had him on your fantasy team like I did, you’re seeing what folks who have only tuned in to these here ALCS games are seeing.  You’re seeing Robinson Cano in the midsts of a true breakout year.  A gorilla in the midst.              

Wanna know why Robby Cano, Doncha Know, is in the midsts of a true breakout year?  Huh?  Do ya?  Sure you do.  He is the midsts of a true breakout year because he is finally waiting on pitches.  A curve ball’s what my pitch is.  So here we here we come like dum ditty dum, I keep all five boroughs in stitches.

Like the man says, patience is a virtue.  You better listen what the man says.  Robby Cano is.  Plate discipline is what has always stood in the way of Cano’s turning from a good hitter who had the ability to win a batting title into a great hitter who could win an MVP award.  It ain’t standing in the way no more.

Cano is now waiting for better pitches to hit and crushing them for extra bases.  Last night he crushed a bomb over the right-field fence in the third inning of the Yankees’ victory over the Rangers in Game Five of the American League Championship Series.  Hooray Robinson Cano!  Doncha know that was the fourth bomb that Cano has hit in the series?  Doncha know that ties the record in that category in one League Championship Series?  Well, like Bell Biv Davoe, now ya know.

You should also know, Cano is now the first second baseman to ever hit four home runs in one League Championship Series.  He just broke the record he had shared with Adam Kennedy, Jeff Kent and my boy, Dustin Pedroia.  I don’t think the Yankees come out of this thing, but don’t blame Robinson Cano.

Public Spectacle

Peace out homies.  Six two and Even!

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  1. 1
    Guest Says:

    As much as I hate the Yankees, I can still take a certain amount of enjoyment reading a Boston fan who happens to live in Jersey, gush , just outright Gush over a Yankee player. I'm not sure why though

  2. 2
    joshqpublic Says:

    i do like the guy. i think its because i liked rod carew. ever since i first heard the carew comparisons, i began to take notice.

  3. 3
    Guest Says:

    yeah but Carew didn't play for the evil empire, what kinda Sox fan are you any way?