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Melo: The Big Papi Of The NBA

By: josh q. public on: Saturday, March 27, 2010 @10:30 am

Melo: The Big Papi Of The NBA

Mister Trouble never hangs around when he hears this mighty sound, “Here I come to save the day!”  That means that Mighty Mouse is on his way.  -Mighty Mouse

Public Service Announcement: Ok, here we go!  In a game in which Denver trailed by 10 with eight minutes left, Melo took the last shot for the winner winner chicken dinner and it was G – double O – D good!  And you thought Chauncey Billups was Mr. Big shot.  Not on this team.  Not in this league.  Last night, Caremlo Anthony’s jumper with no time remaining in the game gave the Nuggets the winner winner chicken dinner over the Raptors.  Hooray Nuggets!  When the game is on the line, you want the rock in Carmelo Anthony’s hands.  When the Pepsi Center’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’.  Knock knock.  Who’s there?  Melo, bitch!   

Like my main man Roy Hobbs always says:  ”God, I love baseball.”  Me too Roy, me too.  I love my Red Sox, and I love Big Papi.  The most feared hitter in all of baseball.  The most cheered hitter in all of baseball.  The most endeared hitter in all of baseball.  A man so strong, Superman owns a pair of Big Papi pajamas.  A man so tough, when the Boogeyman goes to sleep at night, he checks his closet for Big Papi.  He is feared because he is clutch.  Bill James be damned.  The most walkoff hits in baseball since the start of the 2002 season.  Yowza!  There’s a guy in the NBA who does some walking off of his own.  That guy is Carmelo Anthony.

You can Kobe Wan Kenobe me.  You can King James me.  Heck, you can even Paul Pierce me.  The truth is, I ain’t biting.  Bite on this:  Anthony has been in this league for seven seasons.  For those seven seasons, he  is 12 for 24 on lead-giving field goals in the last 10 seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime (50 percent).  Big deal you say?  Who cares you say?  I say that’s the highest field-goal percentage in the NBA on those types of shots over that span.  Spanning the globe, to bring you the constant variety of sports.  Carmelo Anthony brings you the thrill of victory.  He hands out the agony of defeat. 

Public Spectacle:

Peace out homies.  Six two and Even!

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