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South Korea Hates Apolo Ohno

By: josh q. public on: Friday, February 19, 2010 @9:55 am

South Korea Hates Apolo Ohno

She fucking hates me.  Trust.  She fucking hates me.  La la la love.  I tried too hard and she tore my feelings like I had none and ripped them away.  -Puddle of Mudd

Public Service Announcement:  Ok, here we go!  Hate is a strong word.  Like my main woman Julie de Lespinasse always says, “You know that when I hate you, it is because I love you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul.”  South Korea is unhinged all right.  Apolo Ohno is making them cringe all right. Making them join the lunatic fringe all right.  These lunatics are selling toilet paper emblazoned with Ohno’s face like he was Osama Bin Laden or some such other dasterdly villian.  They’re selling video games with an an Ohno character you can shoot in the head.  His name has even become a part of their language.  In South Korean, to call something “Ohnolike” is to deride it as a dirty trick.  A Souther Korean blogger even had the unmitigated gall to just write, “He should fall down on the ice and have (figure skater) Kim Yu-na land on his disgusting face after she performs a triple axel.”  What gives?         

I’ll tell you what gives.  The South Koreans are bitter.  They’re bitter about the Salt Lake City olympics.  They’re bitter because they believe, in Salt Lake, Ohno stole the gold from Kim Dong-sung.  Not to be confused with Byun-Hun Kim.  They’re bitter because they believe Ohno acted like lowly soccer flopper.  In Salt Lake, Ohno threw up his arms as he tried to pass Kim as though he were crying foul.  Ultimately, Kim was disqualified for blocking.  Ultimately, Ohno captured the gold. 

That’s where the hate began.  I believe it was Shakespeare who first said, “In time we hate that which we often fear.”  They must fear Ohno a whole bunch.  Immediately after Ohno claimed his medal, there were enough angry anti-Ohno e-mails that the U.S. Olympic Committee server was shut down for nine hours.  Make no mistakes, the Americans fear them back.  The entire American short-track team withdrew from a World Cup event held in South Korea in 2003.  They withdrew due to death threats against Ohno.  In 2005, Ohno had to travel in South Korea under the guard of police. 

Maybe these scare tactics are finally paying off.  As of now, the South Koreans have five medals so far, including a gold, to Ohno’s lone silver.  Hi ho Silver, away!  Away goes Apolo Ohno who competes tomorrow to qualify for the 1,000-meter final.  If he wins said final, Ohno will become the most decorated American in Winter Olympics history.  Put that in your South Korean pipe and smoke it.

Public Spectacle:

Peace out homies.  Six two and Even!

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  1. 1
    ImKeithHernandz Says:

    You know what we should do? We should call Kim Jong-il, yes , that Kim Jong il, that pot smokin, hooker chasin psyco case Kim Jong il and tell him the fuckin border is open, have at it big guy, South Korea is all you baby, Let them rice eaters cry about that

  2. 2

    ya know, i dont really like apolo myself

  3. 3
    james Says:

    I think he's an ass myself. Same with this blogger.

  4. 4

    thanks for stopping by james

  5. 5
    Joe Says:

    LOL, Mr. Hernandez doesn't realize that east-asian instability would have a major impact on world markets and cause the US economy to stumble even more violently that its doing now. S. Korea is the US's 7th largest trading partner. China and Japan would be adversely affected by a war going on in their backyard. If Kim Jong-Il were actually to invade, Mr. Hernandez would probably lose his job as a janitor cleaning for the company that depends on exports and imports to and from east-asia to make a living. It's only speed skating. Wishing war, famine, pestilence on an entire country over speed skating indicates you have serious issues.

  6. 6
    Anonymous Says:

    ohno sucks

  7. 7
    Jasmin Says:

    Way to be a racist dick.

  8. 8
    Mike Says:

    Wow, for someone who spoke with what sounded like some grasp on reality, you sure jumped to racist insults pretty quickly.

  9. 9
    S.K Says:

    Put that in your American pipe and smoke it! 2 Korean GOLD AND SILVER HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

  10. 10
    Ashley Says:

    Ohno did push Korean with his hand.

  11. 11
    Ashley Says:

    I don't like Ohno. He did push Korean. He's king of foul.

  12. 12
    Heesoo Says:

    His thing definitely didn't work tonight. Oh and btw, they should tie his hands to his thighs. Maybe that will stop him from pushin

  13. 13


  14. 14

    yes he did

  15. 15

    are you talking to me, i said nothing racist

  16. 16

    i think the roller derby might be a good place for him

  17. 17

    what did i say that was racist?

  18. 18
    Ex-pat Brit Says:

    Ohno pushes. South Koreans outright grab. It is part of the sport, they all do it. The South Koreans grab more than the Italians during the World Cup.

  19. 19
    Scruzer Says:

    Ironic that AT&T is using Apolo to heavily advertise a Samsung phone …….

  20. 20
    pja Says:

    And the USA has 24 medals to date….because USA athletes can do more than just roller derby on ice.
    Get over the anti-american BS.

  21. 21
    pja Says:

    All I have to say is GO USA. The athletes from the USA have out done themselves this year. At least they can excel in more than one or two areas, unlike the South Koreans who pretend that speed skating represents something meaningful in the world and takes it as an opportunity to unveil their deep-seated anti-americanism.

  22. 22
    jamie Says:

    Ohno is awesome. Fuck the haters.

  23. 23
    Christina Says:

    you guys are all being fricking racist! ok! ur saying south koreans are crazy and phsyco???? so ur saying IM phsyco? god go suck an egg!!!!!!

  24. 24

    Ohno is hated for a number of reasons. Anyone following speedskating knows the crap he pulled back in 2002 at Colorado Springs. O'Hare, who did not skate in the 1000 m, filed a formal complaint. The complaint was founded on Ohno's seemingly deliberate attempt to stop Biondo from being able to pass Smith.[21] Because of that blocking move on Biondo, Smith finished in second place and Davis finished first.
    They had a hearing and HE SHOULD have been busted but they let him slide. He's SHADY. PERIOD. I'm American and I think he's SHADY.

  25. 25

    Again, I am American but the reason we have so many medals is because half the team members are from other countries. Ohno is half Japanese. I guess half the medals he earned should go to Japan right?

  26. 26
    blagh Says:

    ohno sucks i hate his guts and i'm not even korean.
    BOO OHNO!!!!

  27. 27
    chris Says:

    this is bull.
    koreans dont have toilet paper with his face on it?
    they don't have a video game either.
    and if i'm wrong, it's called FUN.
    ever heard of it?
    you're just jealous and a dirty liar.
    people hate other olympians too, why are you picking on korea?
    people say things like "should land a triple axel on his face" and even worse about people from countries like germany, sweden, etc
    but do you blog about them?
    no because you are a racist, jealous pig.
    p.s. i dislike korea as well, but this article has brought attention to my eyes.
    i am now rooting for south korea.

  28. 28
    arsdfsd Says:


  29. 29
    shelly Says:

    everything dude.

  30. 30
    abhinab Says:

    americans do the video game thing to other foreigners all the time.
    fuck ohno and go die in a pit josh.

  31. 31
    liz Says:

    actually they do have a video game and toilet paper.
    but you r right, it's just competition.
    and the word ohno dates back to a LOOOONG time.
    it wasn't made when apollo ohno came along

  32. 32
    oh no.. Says:

    ohno is freaking cheater. CHEATER. PERIOD.
    He pushed at salt lake and AGAIN at vancouver……wtf is wrong with his hands?
    His hands needs to be inside his pants while he's skating
    he is an ass.
    f*** him.
    and i am an american. really.

  33. 33
    pja Says:

    GOOOOOOOOOO Anti-Americanism.

  34. 34
    fuck this sht Says:

    eh.. this blogger is like the most racist sht i ever heard and im not even korean

    fuck do americans really think that ohno dosent cheat???? wtf i clearly saw him almost knock out 2 canadians
    how does he not get banned from it??? are judges blind??? are they favoring ohno just because he brings american the medals???
    im so glad korean got both gold and silver.. ohno DOES NOT deserve a gold

  35. 35
    ohnoHATER>:O Says:


  36. 36
    josh ur a shithead Says:

    this is actually one of the most racist and most bs containing review ive ever read. first off we don't smoke pipes, u americans do. even if i do go for america and korea ppl shld be hating ohno because of the way he plays. so what if hes the most decorate american in olympic history? he isnt the most decorated man is he? no he isnt so shut up. we arent lunatics, u fucking racist assholes r the ones who create bs about other races. ohno does not deserve any medals like that and u dont deserve to write a review like this.

  37. 37
    christina Says:


  38. 38

    Uh…am I the only one here that thinks this so-called review is a bit, oh I don't know, BIASED?
    LOL. This hatred thing really should stop, you know? IS THIS REALLY NECESSARY? It's the Olympics, for crying out loud! Don't be all racist and sensitive about your own nations, people!

    Put that and smoke it? I rather not, ktnxbai.

  39. 39
    DM Graph-x Says:

    Really you’re an American…. That is SHOCKING!

  40. 40
    DM Graph-x Says:

    How articulate of you. How long did it take you to come up with such a fancy way of explaining your undying love for Apolo Ohno? Loser.

  41. 41
    pja Says:

    I am confused as to why you choose to use profanity when trying to express yourself. It just come across as petty and simple-minded and not based on logical and reason. Please explain why you wrote "u fucking racist assholes r the ones who create bs about other races." The US, despite its many, many flaws is a heterogenous society that strives for equality. Nothing is perfect. People are not perfect. I am sure there are "racist assholes" in South Korea just as there are in the US. I am also sure there are tolerant, open-minded South Koreans just as there are in the US. I took a look at the Naver site, specifically the sports section and the focus is purely on South Korean athletes. I take a look at the MSN site, a rather mainstream site and the first thing I see is the fabulous South Korean figure skater. I would prefer celebrating outstanding athleticsim of all countries athletes than hiding behind someone like Apollo Ohno in order to express your contempt for the USA. Why not just write: I hate the USA. It seems like a waste of energy to focus on disliking the USA but have at it and be honest about it.

  42. 42
    pja Says:

    PS. Roy Jones Jr. Seoul Olympics. Thanks Korea for your honorable sportsmanship.

  43. 43
    pja Says:

    I am confused as to why you choose to use profanity when trying to express yourself. It just come across as petty and simple-minded and not based on logical and reason. Please explain why you wrote "u fucking racist assholes r the ones who create bs about other races." The US, despite its many, many flaws is a heterogenous society that strives for equality. Nothing is perfect. People are not perfect. I am sure there are "racist assholes" in South Korea just as there are in the US. I am also sure there are tolerant, open-minded South Koreans just as there are in the US. I took a look at the Naver site, specifically the sports section and the focus is purely on South Korean athletes. I take a look at the MSN site, a rather mainstream site and the first thing I see is the fabulous South Korean figure skater. I would prefer celebrating outstanding athleticsim of all countries athletes than hiding behind someone like Apollo Ohno in order to express your contempt for the USA. Why not just write: I hate the USA. It seems like a waste of energy to focus on disliking the USA but have at it and be honest about it.

  44. 44
    joshkurt Says:

    Not being a Korean I don't know everything, but to my understanding is that Koreans respect the American skaters considerably.. except for Ohno – they really hate him! LOL But the reason why the Korean skater said Ohno doesn't deserve the medal is because Ohno said first that "those Koreans deserved to be disqualified" first. So it seems people buried the old SaltLake grudge which ignited when Ohno again said back then that the Korean skater deserved to be disqualified, after he performed his hollywood action which caused the disqualification.

    I would say it was Ohno who displayed lack of sportsmandship first toward the Koreans each time at their lose. If he was a little more humble toward his step up in medal color, earned in the expense of the Korean skaters, I think things would have been very different. Anyhow, my experience is that, with this kind of dislike, there usually is a good reason.

  45. 45
    Josh Says:

    Btw, South Korean soccer was taught to them by the European coach. He said this is how all Europeans play. it's pretty much spitting on your won face when you talk badly about Korean soccer.

  46. 46
    Mich Says:

    you're an idiot. Kim jong il is the NORTH Korean president

  47. 47
    Hailey Says:

    Oh no should just go to Hollywood and make shitfaced movies

  48. 48
    Anonymous Says:

    What American arrogance on this board? It seems like a lot of ranting and raving on both sides. What about my previous post where I question the logic behind the “hatred” of Ohno? I think it is veiled Anti-Americanism and would prefer an honest discourse about that than focus on some questionable antics of an American athlete. We live in a global village now. Ohno’s coach is Korean; the Koreans are coached by a Canadian. Ohno is one 27 year old athlete who does not represent the USA in the best possible light. I can guarantee that there are plenty of petty remarks and actions going on in South Korea. I was a little stunned to learn that death threats were made against Ohno. Seems a tad excessive, no?

  49. 49
    JoshKurt Says:

    well, I say South Koreans have done pretty well for themselves. considering how sports has not been considered an honorable profession until recently and with the population 1/7 of America and land 1/30, 5 Gold and 5 silver, bronze is pretty damn good for such a small country that doesn't have that much snow or ski slopes. Korean has earned 5 medals in speedskating by the way. I'm American but American arrogance on this board is intolerable. I understand their hatred toward Ohno is exactly this – his intolerable arrogance and sly remarks about the Koreans.

  50. 50
    hannah Says:

    Uh EXCUSE YOU what cave have you been living in for the past couple years? Koreans can do much more than "roller derby" on ice. Look at your cellphone, that was probably made in korean. LVD tv? korean as well. camera, improved by koreans. And probably half of your electronics in your house is probably of korean-origin. And koreans dont get alot of medals because we dont compete in alot of the events. so before you start staying stuff, get you're facts strait budddy'

  51. 51
    hannah Says:

    Do you know the amount of hours he spent training? The countless money spent? The PAIN and ENDURANCE and TEARS he had to go through? You can critique him, but you cant call him a mother fucker because he has accomplished so much things in life which to most ppl can even dare to.

    and let me ask you, what have YOU done with YOUR life? going on blogs and commenting ppl and giving ppl BS? WOW.

  52. 52
    pja Says:

    @ hannah…we are all, including you…wasting time on blogs. And yes, South Korea makes some fantastic durable goods. They do not however own the technology inside of it. Your South Korean made cell phone by Samsung perhaps pays a great deal of money to a little company in California for the technology inside of it. If you look at statistic you will see that the USA still is the number one manufacturer in the world of…wait for it…technology, especially medical and IT technology. South Korea has contributed a lot to the world. The USA has as well. In fact, the USA has contributed a lot to South Korea and its economy through the years. (Yes, I know the US military is not welcomed but they remain at South Korea’s request.) Anyway, stop with the hate. Yu-Na was awesome last night. Celebrate that achievement of an individual…not a country.

  53. 53
    pja Says:

    HMMM….the US is full of immigrant and mixed races. You do know the Obama is half white and half African.

  54. 54
    pja Says:

    I am not being arrogant. The contrary. I think it is great when an individual succeeds. I do think that the South Korean remarks, generally are veiled anti-Americanism. Respond to that. Anyway, the USA will suck until they are no longer a super power and then we can all move on to hating another country.

  55. 55
    ohno is a tool Says:


    get your facts straight. even most US based high tech companies have their manufacturing centers in asia– korea japan china, malaysia, singapore

    you're living a fantasy. the US is no longer a manufacturing powerhouse economy. it's a service economy

  56. 56
    fuck ohno Says:

    fuck america, you dumbass white fucks unable to provide yourselves with shit unless us asians came and took over your country selling all kinds of technology. If it wasn't for us, you'd be like north korea. just saying =]

  57. 57
    Bitterman Says:

    I am so happy that cocky douche bag Apollo Ono was DQ'ed. He is just so…GAY! I'm American and I think he's GAY! Short Track is about as important as Curling.

    PJA nice comments douche bag…if we are #1 manufacturer in the world then why do we have a 40 billion dollar trade deficit it's one of the major reasons we can't get out of this crappy economy.

    BTW Samsung only uses Qualcomm chips in their Verizon phones, could that be because they are one of the few global companies that mass produces antiquated CDMA chip for an antiquated verizon wireless infrastructure.

    Yu-Na looked great, she should come to Virginia and polish my knob, then fly to wherever you are PJA and smack you in the head and call you stupid.

  58. 58
    Bitterman Says:


    Those companies are only outsourced to Asia because we are lazy, and don't like you.

  59. 59
    Bitterman Says:

    Ironic that you are capable of posting here.

  60. 60
    Bitterman Says:

    Anti-Americanism? or Anti-PJAism?

    Dear PJA,

    We don't hate the US, we just hate Apollo Ohno, and YOU!

    Yours truly,

    The people of South Korea

    Antwan for a half asian is code for taking it in the ass.

  61. 61
    Bitterman Says:

    You are a prolific writer. In case you don't know what that means check this link

  62. 62
    Bitterman Says:

    Want a date?

  63. 63
    Bitterman Says:

    Well put, maybe we can fly out to CA and kick him in the nuts because I'm tired of seeing his gay man chu.

  64. 64
    Bitterman Says:

    Don't you hate Shawn or Sean White more?

  65. 65
    Bitterman Says:

    Are you typing a post or writing a poem douche bag.

  66. 66
    Bitterman Says:


    PS. Native American Massacre Thanks Cracker for your honesty!

  67. 67
    abcabc Says:

    kim yuna should not polish your knob.
    although you have great points on douchebagpolo ohno,
    yuna should slice your dick off with her skates for saying that last comment

  68. 68
    Ohnokiller Says:

    Korea should have won gold. Go to hell you fucking bastard. And I suggest you do not come to Korea again because Koreans will kill you and if I ever see you, I will shoot your head with an AK-47, blow torch your dad, and bomb up your house or set in on fire you BITCH, ASSHOLE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! AND CURSE YOU TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. 69
    OhnoKiller Says:

    I agree dude.

  70. 70
    IDAHO Says:

    OHNO IS A WHINY, CHEATING, BIOTCH!!! He stole the gold from the korean skater in 2002 by whining like a little biotch when he wasn't touched at all… the replays don't lie… And now in 2010 he's still whining and cheating his way to some more medals…too bad none of them are gold

  71. 71
    hater Says:

    apolo is an ass

  72. 72
    ntk Says:

    This is an ignorant comment. The Korean who won the gold medal against Roy Jones Jr. apologized for the unfair ruling. He had nothing to do with the rigged match. Ohno, on the other hand, is a self-righteous prick who talks about how Korea deserved to be disqualified and that he (Ohno) deserved his medal. Ohno is the perpetrator for this drama.

    Don't post about stuff you don't know about please. Thank you.

  73. 73
    jamie Says:

    just kidding im a fag

  74. 74
    sam Says:

    you spelled both wrong. its shaun white. you cant even compare shaun white to apolo ohno. the way their sports even run. shaun white cant foul anybody or cheat, he just trains hard and goes big in halfpipe. he also doesnt act arrogant and talk crap on anybody else.

  75. 75
    sam Says:

    youre an idiot dude

  76. 76

    lol yeah i agree about the korean being bitter
    OHNO pushes. you think Koreans do all the pushing? HAH LOL
    are you fucking blind? you fucking racist. THIS FUCKING WEBSITE SHOULD BE REMOVED.
    OH and P.S – FUCK YOU JOSH , YOU NERD xD this site is crap btw. ;)

  77. 77
    Justin U. Says:

    Hey JOHN Q. Who paid you to write this bs.. seriously. From my understanding, Koreans sell toilet paper with Japanese peoples' faces on them and the Japanese tortured and raped an insane amount of Koreans (not to mention they're now trying to claim they invented Kimchi.. yeah I'm serious lol). I try to like Japanese people but they make it all too hard with their MEGA-arrogant, shit-talking ways. Sorry Japs, I tried. I really did.

  78. 78
    pja Says:

    If the U.S. manufacturing sector were a separate country, it would be tied with Germany as the world's third largest economy. It would also be larger than the entire economies of India and Russia combined. As much as we hear about the "demise of U.S. manufacturing," and how we are a country that "doesn't produce anything anymore," and how we have "outsourced our production to China," the U.S. manufacturing sector is alive and well, and the U.S. is still the largest manufacturer in the world. In any event, I was postulating that the US still contributes heavily to innovation and technology. Why is this a competition about which country is better? I thought it was about Apollo Ohno being a lousy sportsman? I was just suggesting that the great fervor against Ohno is veil Anit-Americanism.

  79. 79
    pja Says:

    why do you need to swear at people? It is unkind and solves nothing. Thank you Korea. You are the best. Americans bow down before you! Thank you for your technology. The "white fucks" never did anything. You a child.

  80. 80
    pja Says:

    Why are you insulting me? Just ask me why I think a certain way and I will be happy to listen to your perspective. It could be that you are right and I am missing something in my analysis. I was merely suggesting that a lot of US firms own the intellectual property that go into Samsung et al products and that this companies are generally know for durable goods.

    Yes, our economy is crappy. It is going to take a long time to rectify. A shame, really.

  81. 81
    pja Says:

    I hope you have a nice day and luckily you do not speak for your entire country. I don't hate you. I just hope you grow up. In the meantime, play nice with the other children. Realize there is more to life than the Olympics. I have the pleasure of growing up around the world, working for Peace Corps and spending 3 years in Madagascar working with the young children. They are starving, have no education.

  82. 82
    ?? :( Says:

    um excuse you? we are not mad for any old reason. he fouls everytime but somehow he gets away with it. and we're not bitter, we just like fair play which is something ohno definitley does not have. south korean speed skaters are very skilled and very talented and have SPORTMANSHIP! we just like a fair games that's all. if ohno was fair and a true winner we wouldn't have some much dislike towards him

  83. 83
    pja Says:

    BTW….Samsung uses more than just Qualcomm chips….they pay royalities to a variety of tech powerhouses….like Rambus etal. Samsung didn't invent anything. It is a company that makes things.

  84. 84
    pja Says:

    oh and check out Sandbridge…Samsung also pays them for their chips.

  85. 85
    pja Says:

    My girlfriend, a lovely Korean girl, tells me that these poorly written, profane laden, illogical internet postings are most often the musings and rantings of korean middle school children who wouldn't have the courage to say this to my face. You better work on your English and Chinese. You are going to need it in the real world, speaking without sense and with foul language is not benefical. (Take this opportunity to look up the words you don't know.) I also don't think your parents would be proud of the language and violence coming out of your keyboard and vapid brain. Have a nice day. I wish all the happiness.

  86. 86
    jessica Says:

    its the olympics goddammit.
    its supposed to bring the world together not make them fume with hatred.
    gosh, why cant ohno just play fair?

  87. 87
    pja Says:

    Apolo Ohno is not a good sportsman. I agree. I do however think it is blown out of proportion by the media in South Korea which seems to fuel anti-american sentiment. Unsportsmanlike behavior exists everywhere, even in South Korea. The South Korean athletes were awesome in the Olympics this year. I was especially amazed by Yu-Na. But this blog site is a bit of a disaster and most of the posters seem unduly angry and hostile about a really minor issue in the world at large. (I mean, come on Chile just got hit by a huge earthquake. This is concerning and something to get upset about, no?)

  88. 88
    pja Says:

    and ps….what is with the anger? The South Korean skaters dominated this year. Let it go. He is just one annoying guy in the world.

  89. 89

    you sure spend a lot of time and energy on it

  90. 90
    hater Says:

    go to hell apollo :P

  91. 91
    whocares Says:

    The Olympics are purely for economic reasons. They are devisive and nationalistic. Look at how South Korea acts. Ohno doesn't play fair…sure but neither do the whiny winners. Or what about the DQ in 02 and the Korean baby that threw down his flag? Koreans are a bunch of hater losers. Pissed off about being small in everyway. If that US hadn't stayed and been interested in its location during the cold war they'd be like LAOS or Vietnam. The Koreans can't let go of their feeling of "HAN"….just vicitm mentality bs. at least the americans don't have to have sex with our girlfriends in dirty DVD Bangs.

  92. 92

    ha think this is funny beaner piece of shit.

  93. 93
    GET OVER IT Says:

    Yves Hamelin, Canada's team leader, said he ranks Ohno among the top five best short track skaters, along with some of the South Koreans.

    "He's one of the smartest racers," he said. "We have to really give a great respect to Apolo."

    Lee Ho-suk, one of Ohno's longtime Korean rivals, said: "We have some good memories and we also have some bad memories of Ohno. I will be sorry to see him leave the world of short track when he does."


  94. 94
    whocares Says:…

    I take it all back. The Korean posters here are absolutely right. Koreans really do know what good sportsmanship is all about: BOMB THREATS.

  95. 95
    HankMoody Says:

    Seriously who gives a fuck about Olympics, period? Yes, yes, I know you do. But seriously, people waste so much time and energy fighting and hating over petty shit. Ohno's rich and reputable player (whether he deserves it or not) and in he probably doesn't give a fuck either way. He's just a person. So he fucking cheats, but the system lets him.. The whole thing is a big fucking joke; have our lives became so boring to the point where we need to produce such drama like this in order to self-entertain? The shit is going down people, open up your eyes for there are greater concerns lacking your attention. Wake the fuck up America. Who gives about some gold piece with fancy strap on it? It doesn't prove a damn thing. Why don't we cut this crap and go to WWIII already? Mexico and Canada is soon to join our nation… U.S. military is now the same entity as U.N military. The shit is going down, Iran will start and from there on it's going to Watchmen shit. WAKE UP THE BRIGHT MINDS OF THE WORLD.

  96. 96
    pja Says:

    I love you HankMoody! You are so right!

  97. 97
    HankMoody Says:

    To above comment by PJA,

    Yes, The U.S. is still one of the top contributors when it comes to high-end technological equipments, developments and advancements. However, it is the same reason why the American dollar today has degenerated year by year. Aside from Wall street, greedy real estate owners and numerous ponzi schemes, the U.S. do not exports as much as it imports anymore. Corporations outsource low to mid-end generic workers overseas and of course we have tons of illegal immigrants whom we hunt down like fugitives to do our shittiest jobs. Most college students in the U.S. go for high-paying, white color jobs such as law, banking, accounting, psychology, TECHNOLOGY, medical and pharmaceutical. So really, America needs to back step a little, and put more work force into things other than the TECHNOLOGY. But with the nation's mentality so tarnished with broken American Dream and hungry hopeless hopes; I see why the war with the Middle East might be the only solution to the nation's financial and social catastrophe. War means $$$$$$$$$$$ of course.

  98. 98
    pja Says:

    Couldn't agree more. There needs to be more balance. I would love an improved infra-structure, more community mindedness, economic equality etc. War in the Middle East is motivated by money and resources. (What a slap in the face of US soldiers that the bulk of the oil contracts went to Europe and China. Not to mention the US provides the security for Chinese workers in Afghanistan as the Chinese capture the 2nd largest resource of copper.)

  99. 99
    HankMoody Says:

    yup, not to mention a trillion dollar we owe them -.-

    (and i'm south korean by the way.. not that it matters to me)

    and i'm assuming you're a forum patrol.. so to speak lol

  100. 100
    pja Says:

    No, Just an american hanging out on a gloomy nyc afternoon, listening to the news about the earthquake in Chile. Really great to chat with you here….by here I mean the internet but not really this particular arena. I am going out but would like to continue chatting.

  101. 101

    LOL Mr Joe fails to realise that I'm a flesh pedaler by trade and the worse the economy gets, the more my pockets seem to fill.

  102. 102
    HankMoody Says:

    love, now that's the word we can build something from
    : )

  103. 103

    If Kim jong il wasn't , my little joke would not have worked. That makes you the idiot don't it? Or maybe you thought I was hinting the South Korea should invade itself? You cant read, can you? Go ahead, you can admit it.

  104. 104
    FortheGold Says:

    his face expression after he pushed the opponent
    and coming in second was like "HOLLYWOOD" action
    his expresion after he pushed off with his hand was like "How did that happen??" Huh??? What??? WHat just happend?

  105. 105
    Forthegold Says:

    judges knew he didnt deserve any medal so he didnt get any
    LOL to that
    He was last and prollly got pist

  106. 106
    idiot pja Says:

    no shiet really??? half white you say? this guy is a moron.

  107. 107
    usesomebrainpower Says:

    you racist fag your should just keep your fucking mouth shut! you fucking hag!

  108. 108
    michael Says:

    "I take a look at the MSN site, a rather mainstream site and the first thing I see is the fabulous South Korean figure skater. I would prefer celebrating outstanding athleticsim of all countries athletes than hiding behind someone like Apollo Ohno in order to express your contempt for the USA."
    ok kim yu-na won the gold medal in figure skating. she set a record with her score. who isn't talking about her?
    watch the olympics on american tv. all of the focus is on american athletes and random sob stories from other countries. if you watch the olympics in other countries, they go on all day because they show EVERY ATHLETE.

  109. 109
    HankMoody Says:

    i live in nyc as well. interesting.. i just met this great photographer from Chile last night. Could've shown him a bit of consolation if I knew about the earthquake. if you gchat or aim, my sn is mi3fit. you can msg me anytime.

  110. 110
    Anonymous Says:

    agreed…ohno is the biggest jagweed of these olympics. He holds up his fingers to count his medals after each race…seem’s like an arrogant tool. thinks he’s really cool with his headband and soul patch. i’m guessing he’ll continue doing douchebag media whoring like dancing with the stars.

  111. 111
    John Says:

    I really don't get it. There are pushing and shoving in speed skating as far as I can see. Isn't weird that out of all the athletes in speed skating only Ohno is hated so much by one country. I mean you don't see other countries hating other skaters. I just think it's Ohno's little patch of hair on his face. Makes him look like prick. And also maybe because he is part Japanese. In case you didn't know Koreans and the Japanese have history, Major History. Koreans has a point and Ohno is not the best. Vancouver Olympics proved it. He got very lucky in all of his events. No Skillz. Maybe he is getting old. Oh another point. Did you all know that team USA's speed skating coach is Korean. I'm with the Koreans on this issue. I dislike Ohno but the Koreans should get over it. It's been almost a decade.

  112. 112
    Anonymous Says:

    Interesting discussion here. Let me just say this: I don’t like Ohno. Yes, I know he spends hours and hours training everyday. I know that he strives to win the gold, which is usually admirable. Believe me, as someone who spends hours and hours training myself, I respect him for his dedication. What I’ll never accept is his lack of sportmanship. Sportmanship is one of the most admirable traits in an athlete and the trait that I wish people had more of. With him as a role model, I doubt anyone following him will be a sportsman and that really goes against one of the things the Olympics games are supposed to represent.

    I also disagree with the people calling the blogger racist. This blog is quite passive-aggressive so I can understand why some people are upset about it. However, are the insults in the comments really that necessary? It’s just a blog, people.

  113. 113
    pja Says:

    @Michael…do you watch news from around the world? Do you speak Korean? I do and I took a look at the Naver site during the Olympics and they focused on their athletes. They did not celebrate other nations athletes. I wanted to say either but I recall much being made about several athletes. The Olympics were on all day in the USA as well. USA and NBC covered the Olympics ad naseum for two weeks. Get your facts right. South Korea and Russia are far more nationalistic and in a sense exhibit their totalitarian hsitory in their reactions to a simple athletic event. Just take a look at the Russia President, you can find the article in the New York Times, firing people because the nation did not win enough. Thank god Stalin is not in power. And over in South Korea, crying en masse when yu-na wins and bitching and threatening when a DQ befalls one of the speed skating events.

  114. 114
    apolofks Says:

    alright whoever wrote this is a bitch. South Koreans have eveyr right to be mad at Apolo Ohno. He fucking psuhed Koreans when they were in first place. The perosn who fkin wrote this should go to hell withj apolo. Fkin half japanese bitch

  115. 115
    Hanah is a dum shit Says:

    dude STFU u man hor. Apolo Ohno is a bitch u fkin lsut go to hell nad commit suicide u fkin slut and go to hell and die

  116. 116
    sad Says:

    You r so fkin rite. Aplo Ohno is a fkin bitch and i fkin wana cut his half japanese dik off. Also the guy who wrote this is a bich

  117. 117
    fk u graph Says:

    dude STFU ur not cool

  118. 118
    fk u Says:

    stfu u fkin bithc. Aplo ohno is fkin half jap so stfu and go be a dik somwhere else

  119. 119
    fk u Says:


  120. 120
    HankMoody Says:

    are you korean pja?

  121. 121
    Shannon Says:

    Grab a brain, you racist moron, and cool it with the 'rice eaters' jive. Kim Jong il, by the way is the leader of N. Korea, a communist country, not South Korea, a democracy. And Josh Q. Public, how about about try telling the truth about what happened in Salt Lake City? Ohno didn't throw up his arms as he was trying to pass Kim Dong-Sung, the S. Korean skater, because he couldn't; on this particular race at, least, the Korean was faster and skated a better and cleaner race. He threw up his arms as if he were impeded after they both crossed the finish line. Anyone who follows short track knows Ohno is the dirtiest racer out there. Couple that with fact he gets a hero's welcome when he can't win a gold, (remember he was a distant fourth when he scored his silver because the Korean skater took him and his country mate out), and it's obvious why he's so disliked by other racers. I'm American and I can't stand the little creep. Have a nice day.

  122. 122

    guess what ohno has problem he has no life so whoever trys to insult south korea is fukin going to get killed SOOO SHUT UP YOU BIG BITCHES U DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT

  123. 123

    If Kim jong il wasn't , my little joke would not have worked. That makes you the idiot don't it? Or maybe you thought I was hinting that South Korea should invade itself? You cant read, can you? Go ahead, you can admit it.

  124. 124
    josh is racist Says:

    lets be more specific here.

  125. 125
    alalalalala Says:

    uh ohno is prettyyy good at what he does. but tru.. even when he is disqualified.. he says he should’ve have been disqualified. he doesn’t admit his mistakes. but seriously…its so weird that the judge who disqualified the korean disqualified the ladies skating olympics 2010. coincidence?

  126. 126
    Chelle Says:

    Way to be a whiny, hypocritical racist Josh. You’re the bitter one here.

  127. 127
    yourmomlovesmydick Says:

    In retrospect, you look like a complete asshole, fag fucker.

  128. 128
    dogfucker Says:

    You obviously haven't seen a MAP before in your life. Korea is far from being the "backyard" of China OR Japan. YOU have probably lost YOUR job by now, if not, there's still time.

  129. 129
    pigfucker Says:

    You should look up the definition of irony. Your face is all over it.

  130. 130
    nazisarecool Says:

    Heil Hitler

  131. 131
    momfucker Says:

    Fuck your mom. No really, it's nice. I did last night, and I still have her juice all over my groin.

  132. 132
    americanidiot Says:

    An American Idiot.

  133. 133
    Forbesave Says:

    If oh no wasn’t a cheater web sites like this wouldn’t exist.
    His medals won from cheating should be taken away, maybe NBC could help with this.

    Secondly Obama is not half white and half African, he is American.
    He was born in America thus making him American not African.
    I can’t figure out why people want to call black people African Americans when they are Americans unless they were intact born in Africa.
    Why don’t they call Hispanics, Spanish Americans since they came from Spain or call white People English Americans.
    Why can’t we just all get along.
    This is a quote from an American!