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WWE’s Randy Orton Loses His Mind

By: josh q. public on: Thursday, June 4, 2009 @12:30 pm

What you see above is WWE star Randy Orton talking about what he had for breakfast.  Then what you see is Randy Orton going berserk after the interviewer accused him of being “fragile”.  But you, me and Andy Kaufman know, it’s only wrestling.  A spokesman for WWE confirmed this.  They claim the heavyweight champion was only pretending to go nuts.

Here’s a bit of the translation:

  • Listen, you wanna talk s**t to me on your own show here and make you look cool here.
  • “You wanna look cool?  Say it to my face.  Why you turning red?  I’m serious.  I’m serious.
  • “Look at me.  Look at me.  Look at me.  Look at me!  LOOK AT ME!
  • “Now say it again.  Say it again.  I dare you to say it again!  CALL ME FRAGILE!
  • “I will headbutt your teeth through your skull!  Do you hear me?”

Fake or not, it’s still good fun.

Peace out homies.  Six two and Even!

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