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David Wells Hates Him Some Joe Torre

By: josh q. public on: Friday, January 30, 2009 @9:00 am

David Wells Hates Him Some Joe Torre

Don’t let them say your hair’s too long ’cause I don’t care, with you I can’t go wrong.  Then put your little hand in mine, there ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb.  -Sonny and Cher

Public Service Announcement: Ok, here we go!  At least A-Broad gots somebody in his corner.  Gots him some David Wells in his corner.  It’s all over the New York tabloids.  The man who lost a fight to some kid from Yonkers is fighting Joe Torre.  The man who broke his hand in a street fight in Ocean Beach is fighting Joe Torre.  So give me a stage where this bull here can rage, and though I could fight, I’d much rather recite.  That’s entertainment.    

This is entertainment.  David Wells does not like Joe Torre.  He does not like him here or there.  He does not like him anywhere.  David Wells is mad at Joe because Joe always turned his music down.  Davis Wells is mad at Joe because Joe liked Kevin Brown better than him.   Davis Wells says he’d like to knock Joe out.  Knock him out the box Dave, knock him out. 

This coming from David Wells?  Like my main man Travis Bickle always says, “Hey, I’m not square, you’re the one that’s square.  Your full of shit, man.  What are you talking about?  You walk out with those f**kin’ creeps and low-lifes and degenerates out on the streets and you sell your little p**sy for peanuts?  For some low-life pimp who stands in the hall?  And I’m square?  You’re the one that’s square, man.  I don’t go screwing with a bunch of killers and junkies like you do.  You call that bein’ hip?  What world are you from?”  What world indeed.   

You can say whatever you want about this book but, Joe Torre has class.  Joe Torre here’s got a job.  Joe Torre’s got prospects.  He’s bona fide.  What are you David Wells?

  • He fined me for wearing a Babe Ruth hat, that’s pretty shallow.  I threw the money at him and said, go buy a pair of rims for your car.
  • He always said you’ll never hear anything from him in the media or the papers, and that was BS … Joe didn’t respect a lot of people in my eyes.
  • Asked what he’d say to Torre about the book, Wells replied:  “I’d probably just knock him out.”
  • (About A-Broad)   He is a sensitive guy, he does care what people say about him.
  • I just thought he was a bad individual because of the fact he didn’t treat everybody the same.  He had his boys, and certain guys could do certain things and he wouldn’t let other guys do other things.

Public Spectacle:

Peace out homies.  Six two and Even!

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  2. 2
    blue Says:

    And I heard that kid from yonkers only weighed a buck60. Who's david wells tryin to be Chuck Wepner?

  3. 3

    the bayonne bleeder? i hate david wells. hated him on the sox too. what a dope.

  4. 4
    blue Says:

    Yes. the bayonne bleeder, worst fighter I could think of spur of the moment. I wrote that and thought the hilarity would ensue.

  5. 5

    first thing i thought of was bayonne bleeder. then i thought of hector macho camacho getting busted for driving around with a joint in bayonne. so ya, hilarity did ensue.

  6. 6
    blue Says:

    What the hell was camacho doin in Bayonne/

  7. 7

    i think he lives there, or did, im gonna google it