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Buster Posey: The Real Deal

By: josh q. public on: Friday, October 8, 2010 @10:31 am

Buster Posey: The Real Deal

You’re the real thing.  Yeah, the real thing.  You’re the real thing.  Even better than the real thing.  -U2

Public Service Announcement:  Rookie rookie, who gets the cookie?   I’m gonna ask you a simple question and I want you to listen to me.  Who’s the big winner here tonight at the casino?  Huh?  Buster, that’s who.  Buster’s the big winner.  Buster wins.  Buster won last night.  Last night, Gerald “Buster” Demp Posey III, the pride of Leesburg Georgia,  opened and closed the scoring  with the game’s only run in the Giants’ 1-0 playoff victory over the Atlanta Braves.  Hooray Giants!  Hooray Gerald “Buster” Demp Posey III!        

Last night wasn’t just a one time thing for the Giants’ rookie catcher.  Not just a one time swing for the Giants’ rookie catcher.  Not no one time fling for the Giants’ rookie catcher.  He’s been doing this stuff since he’s been called up to the Show at the end of May.  In his first Major League game he went three for four with three base knocks.  Knock knock.  Who’s there?  Buster Posey bitch!

He’s been knockin’ ‘em in ever since.  So much so in fact, Buster was the Giants clean-up batter last night.  Big deal you say?  Who cares you say?  I say that made Posey the first rookie catcher in major-league history to bat cleanup in a postseason game, and he did it in his first postseason game.  How about that?  Ring around the rosie.  A pocket full of Posey.  Ashes!  Ashes!  We all fall down!

Posey just about single-handedly made the Braves fall down.  He had two of the game’s 7 hits.  He stole a base. (Something he had neglected to do during his outstanding rookie season.)  Then, he scored the game’s only run in the Giants’ 1-0 win.  Holy cow!

What does all that mean?  That means, Buster Posey became just the fourth catcher in postseason history to score the only run in a 1-0 game, and the first to steal a base on the road to scoring that run.  That’s what that means.  It also means Buster Posey is the real deal. Matt Weiters who?  Rookie of the year what? 

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Peace out homies. Six two and Even!

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