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Brandon Jennings: Mr. November

By: josh q. public on: Tuesday, December 1, 2009 @11:43 am

Brandon Jennings: Mr. November

So if you want to love me, then darlin’ don’t refrain.  Or I’ll just end up walkin, in the cold November rain.  -Guns n Roses

Public ervice Announcement:  Ok, here we go!  Welcome to November basketball!  I know, I know.  That phrase is revered in baseball lore.  Revered by Yankeeophiles.  Revered for that special time and place when Derek Jeter sent a 3–2 pitch from Byung-Hyun Kim over the right field stands.  It was then  and there a fan in the stands held up a sign with the words “Mr. November.”  Well, screw Derek Jeter and the Sportsman of the Year he rode in on in.  There’s a new Mr. November in town and his name his Brandon Jennings.  Brandon Jennings finished November with 308 points in 14 games, an average of 22.0 per game.  Yowza!  Last season O.J. Mayo averaged 23.1 points in 15 November games, but before that, the last rookie to average 22 points per game in November while appearing in at least a dozen games was Michael Jordan for the 1984 Bulls (26.2 per game in 14 games).  Brandon Jennings and MJ.   Sounds pretty good, don’t it?  Huh?  Don’t it?  I bet it sounds mighty good to Bucks fans.

Peace out homies.  Six two and Even!

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