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Lancelot Links: Morning Edition

By: josh q. public on: Friday, January 30, 2009 @8:30 am

Lancelot Links: Morning Edition

This morning’s top links from the wide wonderful world of sports and beyond:

  • The Manny To The Mets Conspiracy  (Mets Blog)
  • A Home-Grown, Die-Hard Arizona Cardinals Fan Breaks Down The Big Game  (Raising Zona)
  • Brandon Jacobs Blames Another Giant  (NY Post)
  • Kobe Responds To Our President  (NESW)
  • David Wells Has No Business Ripping Anybody  (Newsday)
  • Thank Coach Pop For Shaq’s New Found Foul Shot  (Fan House)
  • Super Bowl Weeks They’d Rather Forget  (Esquire)
  • Brett Favre Hates Aaron Rodgers  (Midwest Sports Fan)
  • Coaches Day In The Sun  (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
  • If UFC Fighters Were Super Heroes   (Maxim)

Peace out homies. Six Two and Even!

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